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    Update the Firmware on Your iBridge

    To keep your iBridge working its best and allow it to connect to iOS 11
    you will need to update the firmware.

    Download Firmware Updater (Windows 7 or newer)

    Your iBridge will still work with iOS 10 after the update.

    Do I need to update?

    Do you have the original iBridge? If so, you need to update the firmware.


    The original iBridge has

    1 - Two holes in the USB connector

    2 - A hard plastic cap

    Products that don’t need updates

    • iBridge 3

      New iBridge with rubber keychain holder

    • iAccess

      microSD Card reader with “j’ shape

    • iAccess 3

      microSD Card reader with rubber keychain holder

    What do i need?

    The Firmware Updater will run on Computers and not on iOS devices.



    Original iBridge with plastic cap



    Windows 7 or later

    Internet Access

    Internet Access

    You will need to download the Firmware Updater

    How do i update?

    It’s only 4 steps. Remember, you will need your iBridge, a computer running Windows and an internet connection.

    • Download & Extract the FW updater

      1 - Download & Extract
      the FW updater

      • Download the Firmware Updater

      • Extract the downloaded iBridgeUpdater.zip file. right click > extract all)

    • Run the program

      2 - Run the program

      • Open the extracted folder

      • Double click on the iBridgeUpdater.exe file to run it

      • Say “okay” to any security

    • Plug in iBridge and update

      3 - Plug in iBridge and update

      • Plug in iBridge

      • Click the “Update Now” button

      • Watch the progress... it is quick

    • Success

      4 - Success

      • Eject and unplug iBridge

      • Now that your iBridge is updated you can use it with Apple devices using iOS 10 and iOS 11

    NOTE: The firware update will not make any changes to your content on Leef iBridge. As is the case with any software update, we still recommend that you back up your content before performing the update to ensure all your content is safe.

    Can you show me?

    Check out a video of how to run the Firmware Updater

    Firmware Updater (Windows)

    The Firmware Updater will run on Windows Computers and not on iOS devices.


    Don’t worry. You’ve got options.

    • Turn off your antivirus software

    • If you see a blank screen, click on maximize icon

    • If the update results in an error, please reformat your iBridge as shown here and try to run the update again

    • Make sure the iBridge is securely plugged into the USB port of your computer

    • Use another USB port on your computer (do not use a USB hub)

    • Reboot your computer

    • If the firmware update was successful but you still cannot connect to your Apple device, make sure your Apple device is on the latest version of iOS 11

    • If there are still problems try this updater. It will run just like the last updater

    • Contact us via chat on the website or email if you still need help. We’ve got you covered


    Your Leef Family